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MyAtlas is the first official app by Atlas Filtri, available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our app has been conceived and developed to help you with the maintenance of your Atlas Filtri products. Through a barcode reader integrated in the app, you will be able to register your products and receive a few customised notifications that will tell you when maintenance is required.

No more notes on the calendar, post-its or doubts: MyAtlas is your new ally in the management of water treatment and filtration. In addition, MyAtlas is the solution you were looking for to prevent the waste caused by excessively frequent maintenance and the possible negative effects of poor cleaning.

MyAtlas works with housing and cartridges, anti-scale systems, self-cleaning filters and all other Atlas Filtri products.

MyAtlas offers the following advantages:

   - easily find out the technical features of your products

   - receive notifications on the status of your products

   - discover the Atlas Filtri range

   - you are certain that you have purchased an original Atlas Filtri product: MyAtlas does not work with other brands or counterfeit products!


 How to use MyAtlas:

  •     create your personal profile;
  •     use the barcode reader to scan the barcode of your product;
  •     housing and cartridge are now associated! Start the countdown: from now on you will be up-to-date on the status of your products.
        3 icons for 3 situations: Green: everything under control! / Orange: please check your product / Red: install a new product!
  •     Check your product sheet for more information and to find out the available accessories, complementary or alternative products


 Have you bought a kit or a complete product? Scan the code on the box to start the countdown!


Download MyAtlas now:

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