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Daniel Zukowski Trident Plumbing - Frisco, TX
“Our customers are very happy with their Atlas Filtri systems. We install so many of them on water heaters in Frisco, Texas."   - Trident Plumbing, Frisco, TX
John Jackman Sales Manager
Just completed and plumbed a system for Bluestone Lane Coffee. They said its the nicest install they have seen in any of their 50+ shops. We have 2 more to do coming up. We dropped in a few days ago and their cappuccino is off the charts delicious. This shop is a few steps from Harvard University. It's really an advantage to use Atlas Filtri housings and non proprietary cartridges is a light commercial RO. Thanks for the high quality products and the great service from all the folks at Atlas Filtri in Wallingford, CT.