John Jackman Think Pure Water
'New Atlas Filtri installs!'  - John Jackman, Think Pure Water
Daniel Zukowski Trident Plumbing - Frisco, TX
“Our customers are very happy with their Atlas Filtri systems. We install so many of them on water heaters in Frisco, Texas."   - Trident Plumbing, Frisco, TX
John Jackman Think Pure Water
THE BEST SOFTENER FOR PRE-FILTRATION! Keep the great Atlas Filtri products coming! – John Jackman, Think Pure Water
Roger Rheinheimer Port Angeles, WA
The filter arrived and I changed it out and the residual chlorine smell cleared right up. I think the issue with the aftermarket filter was threefold; one, the center opening is larger than the Atlas Filtri cartridge, so the guide in the housing couldn't center it properly. Two, the aftermarket filter was just a bit (1/8") shorter. And three, the aftermarket filter was probably of inferior quality. I will only use genuine Atlas Filtri cartridges from now on. - Roger Rheinheimer, Port Angeles, WA
John Jackman Think Pure Water
Just completed and plumbed a system for Bluestone Lane Coffee. They said its the nicest install they have seen in any of their 50+ shops. We have 2 more to do coming up. We dropped in a few days ago and their cappuccino is off the charts delicious. This shop is a few steps from Harvard University. It's really an advantage to use Atlas Filtri housings and non proprietary cartridges is a light commercial RO. Thanks for the high quality products and the great service from all the folks at Atlas Filtri in Wallingford, CT.   
Frontier Supply Fairbanks, Alaska
Commercial Application for a Water Softener Replacement
Rubenstein Supply San Jose, CA
Our friends at Rubenstein Supply Company with a picture-perfect showcase of Atlas Filtri products!
John Jackman Think Pure Water
'Updating a previous install with spectacular results!' - John Jackman
Team Enoch Fort Worth, TX
A DP Tankless Water Heater Filter put to good use inside a clean setup! Outstanding job from Team Enoch in Fort Worth, Texas!
Chase Piombo Brentwood, CA
Thrilled with how the installation went with my Atlas Filtri Duo system. Their kit comes with everything you need and makes this easy and clean to install. The water quality is amazing from the moment you start it up, and I cant say enough good things about this product. - Chase Piombo, General Plumbing Supply Co.
Ace Supply Vineland, NJ
An excellent display of Atlas Filtri products from our friends at Ace Supply!
John Jackman Think Pure Water
It's being considered for filtering water on Mars :-) It was built in a wood shop, a dust filled environment.