SCIP Database


Atlas Filtri is among of the first Italian companies to register in the SCIP database,

new tool from ECHA, European Chemical Agency, agency that works to make the use of chemicals safe.


Atlas Filtri is aware of the importance of protecting the environment and, as a company, it is committed to seeking and putting into practice solutions that allow excellent results to be obtained, while maintaining high respect for the planet.

Atlas Filtri is committed to guarantee its partners and customers the compliance with environmental protection regulations, to ensure that the most correct information for a safe and careful use of the articles produced - and in particular for the correct management of materials once converted into waste - can be found quickly and easily. Attention to the world in which we live is also manifested by the traceability of the materials used in our products: the importance of knowing and recognizing the history and location of a material is one of the ways that allow us to act responsibly.

For us, complying with this new regulation means ensuring a clear and transparent workflow for those who choose to cooperate with us with confidence and trust, in the defense of the environment. Safeguarding the environment is of fundamental importance, its care and respect should a priority for everyone and for every company.


The SCIP database collects information regarding the entire life cycle of products and materials, including their state of waste. By joining this database, companies register their products containing reported chemical substances, thus complying with an obligation imposed by the law and acting responsibly towards the production, distribution and environmental chains.



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