Under Counter Solution for Removal of Chlorine Taste and Odor


Atlas Filtri® Under the Counter Filtration Unit is a point-of-use water filtration system for both drinking water and ice machine applications.

Solution Includes:

  • Atlas Filtri 3P Blue Housing
  • 3/4" Inlet/Outlet
  • 5 Micron Carbon CTO Cartridge
  • Blue Bracket for DP or 3P Housings
  • 3P Wrench
  • LubriKit+
  • Carbon filtration
  • Connects to cold water side of faucet providing bottle-quality water
  • 2.5 gpm for 8,000 galons or up to 12 months
  • Able to connect to under counter, hot water feeder, ice machines, and refrigerator water line