FA BIG SANIC are wound filter cartridges produced by Atlas Filtri. FA BIG SANIC models are made with an antimicrobial technology that lays in the polypropylene thread that composes the cartridge. The blue inner core is built to offer maximum rigidity. FA BIG SANIC can offer a great variety of filtration rates, from 1 to 100 microns, with lengths at 10” and 20” and capacity up to 18 gpm (66 lpm). The range can be found as dual gradient (Multi-Layer) filtration or single-gradient filtration. FA BIG SANIC filter cartridges are especially designed for heavy duty filtration and and pre- filtration in water treatment, water conditioning, softeners, media filters and Reverse Osmosis, but they can be used in various situations: residential Point of Entry (POE), full-flow commercial and industrial applications are just some of their employments.

Main Products

Double open-ended (DOE) sediment filter cartridges
4.5” OD polypropylene string wound filter media
1.10” polypropylene inner core
Lengths at 10” and 20”
Filtration rates at 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 microns in single and dual gradient filtration
Capacity up to 18 gpm (66 lpm)
Working temperature range Min 39.2°F (4°C) Max 113°F (45°C)
Suitable to Atlas Filtri housings in the series DP BIG
Antimicrobial product protection technology
Full-flow residential, commercial and industrial applications
All polypropylene food-grade construction
Extra rigid inner core in exclusive blue color
Improved surface area
Great variety of filtration rates
Single and dual gradient filtration
10” Sanic cartridges in combination with Sanic housings as complete systems are certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI 42 for bacteriostasis and NSF/ANSI 61 for material safety requirements.