Water filter cartridges made with Granular Activated Carbon filled into canisters or into sediment filter media such as string wound or melt-blown polypropylene filter to provide dual action of sediment filtration and Chlorine-Taste-Odor reduction.

Atlas Filtri LA SX are GAC cartridges with 2.4” OD in double-open-ended (DOE) configuration. A transparent plastic canister is filled with Granular[...]

Atlas Filtri LA BX are filter cartridges made of a transparent plastic canister filled with Granular Activated Carbon obtained from coconut shells. LA BX[...]

Atlas Filtri FA-CA SX are filter cartridges built with a polypropylene thread wound on a rigid central core, filled with Granular Activated Carbon[...]

Atlas Filtri FA CA BX filter cartridges offered with 2.4” OD in single-open-ended (SOE) configuration with double o-ring end-cap. A rigid central core,[...]

Atlas Filtri BT CPP LA SX filter cartridges are items characterized by 2.4” OD in double-open-ended (DOE) configuration. They are dual purpose filter,[...]

Atlas Filtri BT CPP LA BX are dual purpose filter cartridges. These cartridges are built with a melt- blown polypropylene pre-filter topped with a plastic[...]

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