Fillable Canisters

A range of clear canisters that can be filled with water treatment media such as GAC, Polyphosphates, Ionic Exchange Resins and more.

P SX clear plastic canisters are containers that can be filled with water treatment media. The use of media must be approved by Atlas Filtri, except from[...]

P BX series is available with 2,4” OD in single open-ended (SOE) configuration with double o-ring (222) and lengths at 10” and 20”. P BX are clear[...]

P S SX are empty plastic canisters that can be used with different water treatment media. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Polyphosphate and Ionic[...]

P S BX are clear plastic canisters (containers), provided with sponge and fillable with water treatment media. Approved media are Granular Activated[...]

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