Know how

From design to shipping, an all-Italian know-how.

Italian origins and competences represent the essence of who we are and what we do. Our production headquarters in Limena (Padova) is a symbol of this, as an incubator for ideas and a development engine. Here we work in synergy between departments in order to design and produce filters and unique devices, dedicated to water filtration and treatment.

Research and Development

We are looking for ideas that translate into ideas and solutions that our team experiences every day up to the achievement of absolute certainty.
We begin by searching for starting points that translate into ideas and solutions. Thanks to an internal specialized lab and prestigious collaborations with Italian and European institutions from the scientific research world, we are able to pioneer the implementation of filtration applications.

The Materials

Here in Atlas Filtri we are always a step forward, starting from the materials.
Our commitment to quality pushes our filters, known market-wide for their safety, to stand apart because they are made with innovative and sustainable materials. We are continually testing new, raw materials to study processes and improve filter characteristics.


Our company objective is to maintain production at the highest levels, both technological and quantitative.
Our company objective is to maintain production at maximum levels, both in terms of technology and productivity. For this reason, we have a department dedicated to monitoring of each purchase order we receive, planning to best utilize every resource available in production, and ensure that the work cycle is continuously moving forward, even when passing between shifts.

Production and Technology

For years our growth process starts with production.
For many years, our growth blossomed from superior production. We invest in financial resources and technological competences to best equip Atlas Filtri with state-of-the-art molds and machinery. The constant research for total quality in the production of our filters and cartridges has led us towards full automation. When called upon, we are equipped to begin immediate production and implementation.


We want to design our products up to the smallest detail.
It is important to always pay attention and account for even the smallest of details. Our desire to plan every minute aspect has led to ever-increasing research for care and perfection in assembling parts and packaging products, using dedicated materials and automatic labelling systems.

The Warehouse

Our strength: availability, speed.
The attitude in the warehouse encapsulates our efforts and tenacity as the last piece in closing out our strategic production process. Here you will find a filter that is finished, packaged, and ready to be shipped.

Internal Departments

Atlas Filtri Italia is a team: all departments work together to provide our partners with the professionalism, quality and timeliness required by the market.
Atlas Filtri is a team: all departments cooperate to provide our partners and our customers with the professionalism, quality, and promptness required by the market. Over the years we have been able to guarantee technical, managerial, administrative, and marketing answers about products that are both quick and concrete. Our enthusiasm means we are always aiming for a direct relationship with the customer, so that they may closely feel the strength of our group and our brand.