Cleanable Media

Water filter cartridges designed for coarser sediment removal, made with washable net that can be cleaned and re-used, offered in polyester and stainless steel.

RL SX are filter cartridges made with a polyester washable net and a polypropylene frame that ensures stiffness and duration. Produced by Atlas Filtri,[...]

RL BX are washable filter cartridges produced by Atlas Filtri. Designed to remove coarser sediment and to ensure rigidity and structural integrity thanks[...]

RL A SX are washable filter cartridges that have a double-open-ended configuration (DOE) with 2.4” outer diameter. RL A SX are made of a stainless steel[...]

Washable filter cartridges RL A BX are composed by stainless steel media molded in a polypropylene frame. The particular structure allows integrity and[...]

RA SX filter cartridges are stainless steel washable media produced by Atlas Filtri. The cartridges are composed by a stainless steel net wrapped around a[...]

RA BX are washable filter cartridges with stainless steel net wrapped around a stainless steel core. The particular structure of the cartridges makes them[...]

RA BIG filter cartridge range is composed by stainless steel washable media with double-open- ended configuration and 4.5” outer diameter. Produced by[...]

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